ER5 and Pro Feeder- Max Mobility and Flexibility from Easy Robotics.


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ProFeeder, modular robot cell program – overview, description of the robot cell, part tray and mover

ProFeeProFeeder 3 steps towards Automation and can be built in 3 steps.

The ProFeeder robot cell from EasyRobotics – getting started with automation is now made simple

The modular robot cell can be built up in three stages, in line with your needs.

Stage 1 ProFeeder Light  Increases efficiency and flexibility in production and makes it possible – unmanned, to run and  small series  production for example on urgent orders or additional orders. 

The solution can be expanded this stage 2,  ProFeeder ,  Which Increases efficiency in order to run  small and medium series  production in an automated two-shift operation on a CNC or milling machine. The ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder solutions are mobile, compact and easy to move around with a pallet truck.

Stage 3,  ProFeeder Multi  is the stationary solution used in  fully automated 4-shift  operations and in the production of a  large series.

ProFeeder is compatible with robots from: ABB Robotics, Fanuc, KUKA Robotics, Motoman and Universal Robots, and tested with, among others, the gripper from OnRobot.

ProFeeder contains main three elements.

Robot cell

Robotcell - EasyRobotics

The robot is a basic module of the ProFeeder and Proofeeder. Multi).

The compact and mobile robot cell design. Maximum flexibility in the production. The robot can be placed on all three sides. The compact design ensures easy access to the production machines.

The ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder solution, the robot cell can be moved with a pallet truck.

The robot cell is delivered with a range of solutions for assemblies, tables and fixtures.

Parts trays

Part trays - EasyRobobics

The parts trays have interchangeable perforated plates. Feeding for edge bending.

The parts are easily changed to the basic module of ProFeeder Light and the mover.


Mover - EasyRobotics

The mover is used to transport the mover into the robot cell even when all four parts are full.

The parts are automatically centered in the robot cell.

When upgrading from ProFeeder to ProFeeder Multi the mover is upgraded with an elevation- and displacement module.


ER5 mobile Cobot platform

World’s new product – ER5 mobile Cobot platform, made to max robot mobility

ER5 mobile work platform for a safe collaboration with robot arms. ER5 is used in advanced and flexible integration.

The ER5 is developed in respect of the robot arms and maximal mobility. The integrated rolls and handholds make it easy to move and deploy the ER5. The ER5 arrives fully mounted with trays, a robot arm and control panel.

The mobile platform can be used for ProFeeder robot cell is available.

ER5 mobile cobot platform by EasyRobotics:

  • Is developed for the UR3 and UR5 by Universal Robots.
  • Made to maximize robot and cobot mobility and flexibility.
  • Facilitates the start up to automation.
  • Minimizes set up time with changes in production.
  • Convenient and fast moving and integration of cobots in production.
  • Enhances flexibility and effectiveness in production.
  • Is moveable by a person without the use of a forklift or pallet truck.
  • Patent pending.

ER5 Demonstration platform


Demonstration of robot arms and production optimization

ER5 is a functional tool for demonstration of work with robots.

In the context of demonstration and course situations, the ER5 can be moved to different production location. Thereby it can be enlarged.

ER5 can be moved in a vehicle and handled by one person

The ER5 series from EasyRobotics, the ER5 can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5.

The ERB is processing machines or seminars. This is an advantageous for eg salespeople or course instructors.

  • ER5 is a solid, mobile, and working environment.
  • The ergonomic design of the ER5 facilitates that course instructors and salespeople can move the demonstration robot more easily.
  • ER5s mobility and compact size permits to conduct demonstrations of robots.


ER5 with parts plateEasy-Robotics-26028                   ER5 into VAN




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